Is your Operating System right for you?

Posted: March 9, 2012 in Uncategorized
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The answer to this question is, I think, the basis for the age old debate of Windows vs. Mac vs. Linux vs. Blah Blah Blah…

While it is true that we all want our choices to be edified, and that we want “the best of…” it is equally untrue that any one of the above examples are outright better than any of the others. Windows is both better and worse in a variety of ways, and the same is true for the rest as well.

ImageBut looking at Operating Systems as a collective, I am convinced that VERY few people actually make effective use of their computers. The reason, I think is this: computers are scary to the average user. Especially older people.

The different operating systems are designed based on different schools of thought. On the one hand, we have the “Hacker” philosophy, where users are encouraged to personalise any aspect of their device(s). This is the basis for Windows users. I have found that the fact that Windows is more widely used than any of the other OS’s, it has become the basic assumption that this is the basic requisite. For decades computer users have spent hours agonising about the appropriate graphics cards, network adapters etc. rather than using any of these peripherals to its full potential. Let’s be honest: the web does not look all that much better on an AMD Radeon HD 6990. Why have one if you are not a gamer?

The Open-Source movement has gained even more momentum in recet years, and this has driven the use of Linux and Linux-based operating systems. Subscribers to this particular school of thought, collaborate together for the collective advancement of application design and computing as a whole.

Probably the most widely criticised approach is having everything integrated, as per the Apple method. Everything, from hardware to software is centrally manufactured, and designed to operate at maximum efficiency. Most people feel too controlled by this.

I am not punting any of these approaches, as this totally depends on your personality and computing experience expectation. (All of this extends into the mobile phone and tablet computer markets.)

It just leads to my title question. How much thought actually went into your choosing of operating system? This is the sad reality, that most people just accept one particular choice being made for them. Why Windows rather than Linux?

Revising this decision may enhance your experience greatly!



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