The new iPad

Posted: March 8, 2012 in Technology
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After the passing away of former CEO and founder Steve Jobs, many sceptics saw the beginning of the downfall of Apple. This visionary that changed the trajectory of personal computing, the music industry, the movie industry, mobile phones and tablet computers, was not only a huge driving force in the biggest company in the world, but also eccentric, and downright obnoxious about setting the standard so high, that it was almost impossible to compete on the same (or expected) level.

Why then, after leaving a legacy like this, has Apple settled for a product launch like the one for the so-called “new iPad” on March 7th?

What the hell kind of a name is that anyway? It sounds like they are selling ketchup! I am not an Apple fanboy in the traditional sense. I am indeed and unashamedly a fan of Apple, as I think they produce great products, but I will not throw my hat in the ring with most die-hard fans that Apple is the beginning and end of all that is civilized.

This launch feels as if things were just not thought through properly, and that the launch really HAD to happen.

It’s a little as if the product design is not finished. A little as if they’re saying: “We are not sure where we’re going after this! (So we’ll hold off on adding Siri to the New “new iPad”)

For the record: Dictation is not in any world an acceptable substitution for Siri – the third and forth party to most modern marriages!

For the sake of a balanced review: the Retina display is fantastic, and I do give a BIG thumbs-up for this… But that’s it.

I realise that this is becoming a bit of a rant, but i just feel that new products are supposed to blow our minds, and this just doesn’t. It doesn’t make the world a better place.

Will I get one? Without question. It is still an iPad… It is still the benchmark… It is still the world in your hands.

She is still bite-the-back-of-your-hand beautiful!


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